Finding and Staying in LOVE

Why is love so darn complicated? Does true love even exist? Is there a real concept of a “soulmate?” Yes, we know. The topic of true love has been debated for centuries. Cynics often swear it doesn’t exist, while hopeless romantics think everyone should set out to find their soulmates. The rest of us? Well, many of us are downright confused. Do you think, with a divorce rate of over 50%, that achieving lasting, committed love is even possible today?

Adina Stilerman’s series on LOVE is a candid and unique approach to a relevant subject in every woman’s life, regardless of her relationship status.

After this course, you may never love the same way again.

adina stilerman

Adina Stilerman

On a mission to ignite the greatness in Jews everywhere, Adina Stilerman has been involved in outreach and education for close to 20 years. She is the founder of the Principled Parent, a course for young parents who want to parent with intention, and the co-founder of Yehudi, a major Jewish outreach operation in seven locations across Florida State. Adina’s two passions are empowering women and employing creative teaching methods in Jewish education. Now, as the director of Olami Souled, she brings her two passions together to create fresh and dynamic educational content and programming that impact women to see their greatness as the bedrock of the Jewish community, and the world. 

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